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Stenhouse Racing goes live!

Stenhouse Racing, a manufacturer of performance parts built specifically for adventure motorcyle s, now has a home on the web thanks to Servoweb Technologies.

Colin Stenhouse started the business a few years ago, building parts for his personal projects and a few friends. From there the company has quickly grown to become a thriving business, with a stready stream of orders coming in from all over the World.

As of September 9, 2005 we’re still in the process of populating his automated online store, but the site’s overall design and esthetic are now in place and orders are already starting to flow.

Next Summer (2006), Colin will also be participating in a one of a kind rally called the Alcan 5000, a five thousand mile journey starting in Seatttle Washington and ending some nine days later in Anchorage Alaska. For more information on the rally, be sure to check out the Alcan5000 page on Stenhouse Racing’s website,

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