Web Design

We’ve designed quality, business forward oriented websites for over 15 years.

While styles and trends have come and gone there has always been a consistent, clean and professional look and feel associated with our work. We do our best not to follow trends, but instead consistently remain true to a brand’s aesthetic.

Servoweb’s web design aesthetic is what we like to call business oriented design as opposed to artistic design. Our primary focus is to depict a clean, clear message for your brand, within a website that’s easy to navigate and read, loads quickly on a variety of different types of devices, and plays nicely with the search engines. That said, we’re not out to win any awards with exceptionally unique, detailed artwork, but bang for the buck is definitely at an all time high!3

Brand New Web Design

We’ve got a ton of experience working with companies that are just getting started.

We’ll typically start the process by gathering your feedback and opinions on the new site’s content, general colour schemes, and reference sites . From there we’ll derive a design wireframe that gives you a clear idea of how the homepage and a sample interior page will lay out.

Once the design wireframes have been decided on, we’ll use these to create the design around.

Website Redesign

Web Design - Northshore Windows Before & AfterWebsite redesigns are really quite different than brand new projects… In terms of the construction industry, think of a redesign as more of a renovation, whereas a brand new design is like a new build.

We start the redesign process by first delving into your existing website, reviewing its code structure, content, traffic statistics and more. From here we gauge the existing site’s performance, and make recommendations based on our analysis.

Once a list of action items has been established, we kick off the process with again wireframes, then building out the design from there.

To get an idea of our web design capabilities, check out our portfolio page and be sure to filter the results by website design.

Once the new site’s design has been established, we then move onto web development!