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KINETIX goes live

This past Monday January 17th, a completely brand new identity and website was launched for KINETIX, an online coach based fitness and nutrition program.

Our role in the project involved integrating the brilliant design work created by Industrial Brand into a completely custom software system developed by Thirdi Software.

Through a meticulous process of slicing and dicing the imagery, semantic HTML and CSS coding, as well as a few dabs of browser specific Javascript, we produced a presentation that not only accurately reflects the intended design, but also performs exceptionally well in a whole host of browsers, including the much loathed Internet Explorer 6!

Though from the outset this appears to be a reasonably straightforward presentation, the most time consuming and detailed aspect of the project lies in the back end, where participants can update their stats in real time, watch a variety of instructional videos, track their progress through dynamic graphing, chat with their coaches and much much more.

This was one of the more ambitious projects we’ve ever been involved with, and couldn’t be more pleased with the end result!

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