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From brand new startups to complete corporate rebrands, we've got a ton of experience giving businesses a fresh face through logo design, colour scheme development.

Contrary to what some may think, logo design is not just a matter of whipping together a few shapes, colours and a font or two into a final logo... There's much more to it than that and over the years, we've developed a proven workflow that nets top quality results every time!

When it comes to logo design, our design aesthetic primarily focuses on a simple, clean, professional presentation that effectively conveys your company's goals and aspirations.

Cost for Logo Design

Ah yes, the most popular question of logo design cost! Well, right off the top, we do not operate on fixed price contracts. Reason being is that every project is different, and while the a logo design project's results may be similar in terms of content, how we arrive at that end product can vary dramatically.

We feel that by providing a reasonable estimate, then adjusting at the project's conclusion, is the most honest and fair way to engage, and tends to yield the best results.

That all said, the majority of our logo/colour scheme design projects ring in at around $500-600, and maybe one in ten land in the $900-1000 range.

All sound good? Well then... Check out our portfolio for some more samples of our work, then please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss our want to get started!