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The Internet has evolved at an incredible pace over the past twenty years and so has the challenge of driving traffic to your site and building your brand's online awareness.

We've got over fifteen years of experience with Internet Marketing in Vancouver planning innovative Grassroots Marketing Initiatives, orchestrating successful Paid Advertising Campaigns, developing successful Email & Social Marketing Campaigns, and much much more.

Grassroots Marketing Initiatives

What's that now... Grassroots Marketing Initiatives? While it sounds all touchy feely and organic, the goal here is to build your website's popularity and traffic through the use of the Internet as a community, not as a series of paid advertising/marketing services.

That's things like strategic link trading, social media planning, press releases and to a degree, viral marketing.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

When it comes to paid advertising campaigns, 95% of the time we're dealing with Google Adwords, Google's pay per click advertising program,  an exceptionally robust and flexible advertising platform.

We've worked with this system, and have found that for the most part, it's one of the most cost effective ways to drive targeted, quality traffic to our clients' websites.

Email & Social Marketing Campaigns

These types of marketing campaigns are known as push marketing, where we use popular social channels to push your message to prospective and existing customers.

Email marketing is the tried and true method that we've been using for decades, and for the most part is still our favourite way to keep in touch with an existing customer base. By using your opted-in email newsletter list, we're more readily able to control the branding and the message, monitor its performance and ensure its delivery.

While email marketing tends to be our longtime favourite, we can't rule out popular social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc., which are also great ways to push company news and marketing messages.