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New Website for Short Hockey Related Film

Puck This LogoServoweb Technologies presents a new website for a brand new short film that hilariously documents the pain of our worst fears come to life… The cancellation of the NHL hockey season!

For the past seven months Canada has not been the same. Coincidentally it’s about that same time when the NHL announced that there would be no hockey this season. How have men adapted? What hobbies have become more prominent? Most importantly, how have their women responded to this change?

The answer is…NOTHING YOU WOULD EXPECT! Puck This is a satire revealing the male adaptations taking place while the hockey lock-out looms. It delves into the male psyche and shows how the lack of Hockey has affected all man’s social and emotional feelings. Writer/ Director Rick Alyea sheds a little comedic light on what could happen if Hockey doesn’t return soon.

Visit the new site at

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